Discover the Wholesome Ingredients of Claros Farm's Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberries

Discover the Wholesome Ingredients of Claros Farm's Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberries - Claros Farm Store

Discover the Wholesome Ingredients of Claros Farm's Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberries

At Claros Farm, we believe that the essence of nature should be preserved in its purest form, which is why our Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberries are made with nothing but the finest organic strawberries. Nestled in the heart of the cosmos, Claros Farm harnesses the power of both advanced technology and time-honored agricultural practices, offering a snack that is not only delicious but also steeped in tradition and innovation.


Ingredients Simplified

Our organic strawberries are the sole ingredient in this stellar product. Grown on AI-controlled, high-tech soilless farms, our strawberries are nurtured with natural spring water, reducing water usage and preserving the delicate ecological balance. These pristine conditions ensure that every strawberry is bursting with nutrients and flavor, freeze-dried to perfection to capture their essence.

Why Organic Matters?

Choosing organic means that our strawberries are grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, ensuring that what you consume is as wholesome as it is delicious. Organic farming practices at Claros Farm emphasize sustainability and respect for the earth's natural cycles, enhancing biodiversity and soil health. This commitment to organic principles ensures that every packet of our freeze-dried strawberries contributes to a healthier planet.


The Magic of Freeze-Drying

Freeze-drying is a cutting-edge process that removes about 97% of the water from the fresh strawberries, locking in their flavor and nutrients without the use of additives or preservatives. The result is a crunchy, intensely flavored treat that maintains much of the nutritional content of fresh strawberries, including dietary fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins.


Health Benefits Galore

Each serving of Claros Farm's Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberries is low in calories but high in dietary fiber and vitamin C, making them a perfect guilt-free snack that supports overall health. The high fiber content aids in digestion and promotes satiety, while the potent antioxidants help combat oxidative stress, contributing to a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.

 Eco-Friendly Packaging

We are committed to sustainability not only in our farming practices but also in our packaging. Each bag of our Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberries is sealed to preserve freshness and ensure that you enjoy the natural taste of our strawberries, just as nature intended.


Enjoy Claros Farm's Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberries as a standalone snack, toss them into a cereal or yogurt for a nutritious twist, or use them in your baking for an extra burst of natural sweetness. With Claros Farm, you are choosing a product that is as good for the planet as it is for your palate.

Delve Into the Nutrient-Rich Profile of Claros Farm's Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberries

Claros Farm is proud to present our Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberries, a stellar example of how traditional wisdom and modern technology can coalesce to produce a snack that is not only delightful but packed with nutritional benefits. Each carefully portioned 30g packet contains pure organic strawberries, offering a wholesome treat right from the heart of the cosmos where our magical Claros Farm resides.

Comprehensive Nutritional Breakdown

Each serving is a light 89 calories, making it an ideal snack for those monitoring their calorie intake. Here’s a detailed look at the nutritional content per 30g serving:

Total Fat: 0g - Our strawberries are completely fat-free, perfect for a heart-healthy diet.

Cholesterol and Sodium: 0mg - These strawberries are free from cholesterol and contain no added sodium, supporting cardiovascular health.

Carbohydrates: 19g - Provides a good source of energy from natural sugars and fibers.

Dietary Fiber: 7g (25% DV) - Helps to maintain bowel health, lowers cholesterol levels, and aids in achieving a feeling of fullness.

Sugars: 15g - All naturally occurring from the strawberries themselves, with no added sugars.

Protein: 2g - Essential for muscle repair and growth.


Vitamins and Minerals

Our freeze-dried strawberries are a nutrient powerhouse:

Vitamin C: 117mg (130% DV) - Significantly exceeds daily requirements, helping to boost the immune system, aid in the absorption of iron, and combat oxidative stress.

Calcium: 50mg (4% DV) - Important for bone health and muscular function.

Potassium: 332mg (7% DV) - Helps in maintaining optimal blood pressure and regulating heart function.

The Advantages of Freeze-Drying

By utilizing a sophisticated freeze-drying process, we ensure that 97% of the moisture is removed from the strawberries while retaining most of their nutritional value. This process enhances the strawberries' natural flavors, making them intensely flavorful with a satisfying crunch.

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